Sunday, 4 March 2007

Leaving Antarctica

Adam and I have left Antarctica! We're in the BAS office in Stanley in the Falklands after a 5 hour flight from base. Its positively tropical here and the air smells of plants and i saw a small insect on the floor of the toliet which was a novelty. I was so sad to leave all my friends there behind for the winter. They're a great bunch of people and will have a fantastic winter at Rothera. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of all their winter trips and sea ice travel expeditions.


coldman said...

Hi Sue Ann
The Bonner Lab is just not the same now your not there, I might have to look for some where else to have my morning cup of tea.
Your sorely missed
your friend

Ali Massey said...

Hey Puffy
We're all missing you! Went up Reptile Ridge yesterday, wish you could've come up. It was great (if not a little scary at times), and I could definately do with some more expert tuition for my skiing. Can't belive steve's thinking of changing his smoko venue!
Ali x

damian said...

Un saludo yo tambien soy un apasionado de la Antarctica